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Commercial Seal Coating & Maintenance Specialists In Warner Robins

Seal Coating

Aside from pressure washing, another way you can protect the pavement around your Warner Robins home is by taking advantage of our seal coating package.

Greenhill Exterior Cleaning, LLC is the go-to company for pressure washing for Warner Robins businesses, but we understand that sometimes, you need to take an extra step to protect the surfaces around your business. That's why we recommend you check out our seal coating service offering to see how we can make sure your pavement remains intact and clean for a long time.

Asphalt Pavement Sealing

It's no secret how asphalt pavement gets very dirty over time, whether it's from foot traffic, car parking, or just Mother Nature's wrath. While we can make sure the asphalt around your business can look clean for a while with our pressure washing work, we believe that you should go an extra step by looking into our seal coating service.

Seal coating is the act of applying a chemical agent to a surface in order to protect it from the sun's UV rays, inclement weather, and other natural elements. It's an eco-friendly solution that will provide a barrier for surfaces so that they don't succumb to nature. If you're tired of your pavement being covered in nastiness all the time, we recommend going for seal coating sooner rather than later.

Our seal coating process can be used for parking lots, driveways, streets, and anywhere else you have pavement around your property. We work quickly yet efficiently so that we get the proper protection on your surfaces as soon as possible. 

After we've finished applying the seal coating, we recommend waiting approximately 24 to 48 hours for it to dry. Once it's done, you'll get to go back to business as usual and watch as the seal coating does its job. You'll notice an immediate difference in the quality of your pavement, and you'll be happy to know that the seal coating will keep doing its job for years to come.

What Kind Of Seal Coating Should I Use for my Business?

Several options are available when considering the level of asphalt protection desired for your parking lots. Deciding which one is best and most effective is a decision we will help you make. 

The most common seal-coating solutions include the following:

  • Tar-emulsion.
  • Asphalt-emulsion.
  • Advanced latex-acrylic.
  • Industrial-duty liquid rubber.

Tar-emulsion is the least expensive and provides adequate protection, while asphalt emulsion -- perhaps the most popular -- is highly effective when it comes to oil stains and water penetration. Cost per gallon goes up as the effectiveness of the sealant increases.

Advanced latex-acrylic is fast-drying and long-lasting, and finally, industrial-duty liquid rubber is quite expensive but provides the absolute best surface protection as this solution contains titanium.

So if you're current seal coating has run its course or your asphalt driveway requires that first treatment, Greenhill Exterior Cleaning, LLC has a seal coating solution that will be tailored to fit your specific needs. We are standing by at 478-238-3935. Call today!

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