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House Washing in Macon, GA

House Washing in Macon, GA 1

This customer contacted me to get the green algae and organic growth off their home. I was happy to help them. Like most homes, this home had one side that had heavy growth and buildup on it. This is due to that side usually facing North. I convinced the customer that cleaning just the side that looked dirty was a mistake. Cleaning on a portion of a house, driveway, or roof means that the growth will come back quickly because if there is growth on one side, there is growth on all sides, you just may not see it yet.

Once I scheduled with the home-owner I arrived to do the House Wash in Macon, GA. I began the job with my property protection routine. I took picture of any damage that I saw pre-existing to my cleaning, taped and/or bagged anything that did not need to get wet, and began to soak the vegetation with water. This process takes extra time but is worth it to keep someone's biggest investment and home safe. Next, I used my low pressure high volume soft-wash system to apply a cleaning solution to the home. This soft-wash process is another measure that Greenhill Exterior Cleaning uses to not damage property. Using a pressure washer to do this is likely to damage siding and leave ugly markings on the siding when finished.

Finally, after the proper dwell time, I do a high volume rinse to finish revealing the beautiful home that lies underneath all the growth. This step is my favorite of the whole process. I get to see the incredible transformation first-hand and in real-time. It is an incredible process to watch!

Service provided: House Washing

Location: Macon, GA

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